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How Pawfit saved Lola's life

10 September 2021/ By Pauline Hughes

Recently I had a dreadful afternoon.

I took my dogs for a walk and one of my labs, Lola, got spooked by guns and ran off into a storm drain that went under the m42.

Thank goodness I have the Pawfit GPS tracker on her!

I could see where she was on my phone, so I knew which area she was in. As I made my way through a load of brambles, I kept on calling her name. At one time I could see her by the motorway, and I was so worried she would run across it.

Lola kept going backwards and forwards and I could see she was in some woods at the back of an industrial park. I was absolutely beside myself.

I made my way to the car park where some men were cleaning cars and I asked them to help me. I think they thought I was mad because my legs and arms were covered in scratches and were bleeding. I’d also lost my glasses after falling over and I couldn’t see my phone. I was a bit was hysterical by this point.

One of the men took my phone from me and could see where Lola was, and he took me in his van to the woods she was in. After calling and calling her she ran to me. 2 long hours after she’d gotten spooked, I had finally found her. The poor girl was shaking, and my arms and legs were ripped to shreds!

You don’t know how grateful I am to you for the Pawfit – it saved Lola’s life.

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