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Introducing Latsen Technology


Latsen is comprised of a highly skilled team of experts, dedicated to developing smart products that combine high performance with advanced features for pet owners. Latsen also provides consulting service in hardware and software design and development, App and web design and maintenance service, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Pawfit is the first pet care product that Latsen has taken to market to deliver smarter, more convenient pet monitoring for a healthy, safe and happy pet, wherever they may go...

Our Vision

Latsen Technology is working towards a future where pet owners 'know' that their pet is healthy and comfortable.

Our aim is to allow pet owners to make use of smart technologies to not only track the location of their pet, but to monitor their wellbeing and mood.

It is often difficult to know if your pet is stressed, happy or feeling discomfort, and our goal is to give you that information through the device that is most likely to be with you 24/7 - your mobile device.

Our Mission

Latsen Technology is rapidly becoming a leader in 'Internet of Things' and smart devices, and our mission is to deliver these technologies to every pet owner in a user friendly and practical way.

We are striving to create applications and hardware products that will delight users while delivering practical solutions to their needs.

Latsen Technology exists to make the lives of pet owners easier - and to ensure happier lives for pets everywhere.