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How Pawfit has transformed our dog-walking!

24 March 2021/ By Ric Mellis

My family have asked me to write and tell you how much Pawfit has changed our dog walking experiences.

We have a young Cockerpoo named Queenie who is an ex-breeder and rescued. When we first got her, she was extremely nervous and frightened of everything.

However, she soon discovered the great outdoors and decided she wanted to explore all of it immediately. She would run and run, mostly in sight, but was very keen to explore woods, especially when she discovered pheasants were great for chasing.

Her forays into the countryside got longer and longer and at best, embarrassing (we would call and whistle) and at worst terrifying as lambing approached. We got into a pattern of either not letting her off the lead at all or being very nervous about her disappearing if we did let her off.

We bought Pawfit and recorded my whistle. The first time I used it, she came straight to my side and would not leave it for the rest of the walk. Slightly more than we had hoped - we did not want to ruin her walks completely.

It has taken a couple of weeks, but she is now an absolute pleasure to walk with. She will go to the edge of the woods, have a look and turn and come back to me without being asked. If she does go exploring, I give her a couple of minutes and if she does not come back by herself, she responds to my (real) whistle immediately. I can count the times I have had to use the whistle on her collar in the last fortnight on one hand. I have never used the built-in recall.

So, thank you very much. It is a super product which has done exactly what we wanted it to.


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