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Joey's European journey to his new home!

16 June 2020/ By Ms. D. McCallum

We had been planning our move from the UK to Bulgaria for a long time. But the recent pandemic meant we had to adjust our plans at short notice and deal with countless unknowns.

Our initial idea was to do a road trip through Europe with our 10 year old cocker spaniel Joey and sleep over at a few dog-friendly places along the way. However, the pandemic made this impossible as we would have only been allowed to transit through the various European countries in order to get to Bulgaria, which would have meant potential border control issues and driving for over 40 hours with barely any breaks.

Adorable Joey

Therefore, 2 hours before we were about to set off, we changed our minds and decided to fly instead. Since flying a dog from the UK is near impossible and we didn’t want to risk putting him on a plane at this age, we did some research and found a company that transports pets between the UK and Bulgaria. I was, of course, extremely anxious about letting my sweet boy travel for 2.5 days without me, so I decided to invest into a Pawfit tracker to follow him along his journey and make sure he’s safe.

Being able to follow him gave me enormous peace of mind, despite the obsessive checking :)

Joey’s trip to Bulgaria

I used the low power mode which made the battery last all the way to Bulgaria. Since Joey was in a van during the journey and was crossing multiple countries that did occasionally interfere with the signal, but Pawfit Support were very helpful and gave me very quick advice on how to increase the signal reach so I can follow my boy consistently.

Joey with his Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker

Definitely recommend Pawfit and I’d definitely use the tracker again on longer trips. People have also noticed the cool design and asked me what’s on his collar a few times, definitely the best tracker design I’ve seen!

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