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Pawfit reunites lost dogs in nighttime drama

Lost dog located by Chris using Pawfit's Pet Tracker

29 March 2019/ By Mr. C. Briggs

Pawfit tracker help customer find lost dog


Thank you, thank you, thank you. We live in the countryside with 30 acres of woods behind us. They headed off for a pee around 9pm and are usually back in 10 mins. Not this time. An hour later we realized they weren't back and so I ended up trudging through fields with a torch. Humphrey (spaniel) still didn't have his tag on but thankfully Harvey did. Without your tag I wouldn't have known which way to go.

I would walk through a field, look at my phone and when updated see that they had moved. (Humphrey would be where Harvey was.) and on it went for about an hour. I was finally close and phoned my wife to bring the car. A few minutes later Humphrey came running down the lane. He was filthy, wet through and stank of cow s**t. But he was ok.

I turned on your feature to receive quick updates and to set off Harvey's alarm and light.

As I was calling him, I would see him moving on my phone across a couple of fields, so I stopped calling. I walked past a farmhouse and barking dog to a fenced field and heard an alarm and then in the torch light there was Harvey. (Chocolate lab - not the best colour for the night.) He was very agitated that he couldn't get out of the field and I climbed over and lifted him back over the fence and together we strolled back to the car.

a dog wearing Pawfit GPS tracker


It's an understatement to say we were relieved. I got a little tense later when it dawned on me that the weather was so bad last night that Humphrey may well not have survived it.

If it wasn't for your tag, I don't think I'd have found them. Thank you again. Your tags are the best thing since sliced bread!

Attached is a picture of their journey. The blue circle was where I finally found Harvey trapped in the field.

Pawfit GPS tracks on Google map

It's Humphrey who goes astray far more than Harvey and I often find him a couple of kilometres away on the other side of the woods behind us. He visits a female chocolate lab called Darcey and they have become very attached. Darcey's owner is very relaxed about Humphrey's impromptu visits, as have I, and I'll use Pawfit app to see in real-time if he's going to bother coming back down through the woods of his own accord, which he sometimes does, and usually when Darcey can't come out to play.

There was one occasion I tracked Humphrey down to the rugby ground, which is in between us and Darcey's place, only to find Darcey with him. She'd escaped to be with him and so I had to take her home first, much to her owner's relief. I suspect if I didn't put the tracker on him they may well elope.

Harvey doesn't seem that bothered and if there's no sign of food around then he tends to leave Humphrey to it and finds his own way home.

two dogs in the trunk of car

Humphrey Darcey

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