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Dominic’s story

19 June 2020/ By Dr. A. Donaldson

We live in remote Northumberland and holiday in the remote Highlands. Due to our age, we adopt/rescue older dogs in need of a home. We normally adopt German shepherds and we are on our 11th. We have rescued 14 dogs so far. Dominic is our latest, a 6 year-old, 50 kg giant from Ireland! We know little of his history except that he seems to have little training. His recall is particularly poor. This is not good when we step outside on to the fells. The first time we did this in the Highlands he went deer hunting and disappeared for three hours. We realised that we needed a tracker and purchased a Pawfit. He still disappears but at least we know where he is. He returns eventually or we can go and find him. Here he is with his brand new Pawfit fitted.

Dominic’s new Pawfit

Since we got him, he has decided that bunny hunting is great fun. He and our other German shepherd, Quest, find a rabbit hole and dig.

Dominic’s and Quest digging

They never catch anything but the Pawfit gets a tremendous battering as Dominic works his way down the burrow. It is often wet and muddy. The final two pictures show the sort of state that the Pawfit gets in! We have had this unit since February and the Pawfit unit has had this treatment through rain and snow and still works well. We are particularly impressed by the battery which lasts for days of use. When we need to check, the tracking is rapid and accurate. Dominic’s first unit failed 5 months for a reason not of Dominic’s making. Pawfit Support were very helpful and replaced the unit. Dominic is giving his present unit quite a test. We will keep you informed on its continued performance.

Dominic after his digging session and a close up of his harness and Pawfit unit.

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