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Finding an escaped dog at twilight in snowing Norway

Lost dog located by Sheila using Pawfit's Pet Tracker

03 February 2020/ By Mrs. S. Rosenthal

Coming home at twilight (3.00pm here).

Fyr the terrier went off on a jolly and I thought she had gone into the woods much to my great despair.However once my brain kicked in I turned on the 10 min locator for the tracker, saw where she was and pursued the little b*tch (literally)

in a completely different direction from the one I thought she'd gone off in!!!

Sheila's 3 lovely dogs

She'd actually gone to see her new 'boyfriend' down the hill from us. We met halfway as she was coming back as I was going to find her. Had the tracker not been on and working and charged and 5G up and running in Norway then this tale might have had a very different ending. I had visions of sitting out all night in minus something horribly cold calling out and hoping for the return of a lost dog in a very strange and new-to-us environment.

Relief doesn't begin to express the feeling of finding the little dog, so thank you hugely for this product.

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