How many positioning modes does Pawfit provide?

Pawfit provides 2 location tracking modes.
1. Active tracking modes
Pawfit provides 3 active tracking modes, which can be enabled by tapping one of the 3 icons on the RHS of the map screen. They are live tracking, sound and light tracking respectively. Once these modes are enabled, a 10 minute countdown starts automatically. The reason why there is 10 minute countdown is to preserve battery, as these operations drain the battery more quickly.

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2. Passive mode
This mode does not require user’s operations. Pawfit updates your pet’s location every between 30 seconds and 2 hours, depending on your pet’s activity level. The more movement your pet has, the more frequent Pawfit sends the location update. You can see your pet’s historical locations over the last 7 days on the trip screen. This is useful if you want to know where your pet’s favourite places are.