How accurate is Pawfit and how can the accuracy be improved?

The accuracy of Pawfit’s locations varies depending on what type of signals it receives. When GPS signal is present, for example outdoors, the accuracy is generally less than 10 metres (32 ft). When GPS signal is poor, i.e. indoors, underground, cloudy weather, or dense forest, it uses nearby WiFi and cell tower information to approximate your pet’s location. Depending on the signal strength of the WiFi and cell tower, the accuracy of this can range from several metres to a few kilometres.
To improve the location accuracy, please try the followings:
1, Request location update(s) when your pet is outdoors.
2, Turn on the live tracking mode until it receives the GPS signal.
3, Remove anything that covers the tracker, i.e. clothes, as it can potentially block/attenuate the GPS signal.