What do I do if my Pawfit tracker cannot connect to a 2G phone network after it is turned on?

To determine if your Pawfit is connected to a 2G phone network, you can check your pet’s status card in the Map screen, if it is greyed out which means that that your Pawfit tracker is offline. Or you can press the power button on your tracker, if the LED flashes red, it indicates it is offline. If this occurs, please try the following troubleshooting.
For Pawfit:
1. No SIM card inserted. Solution: insert a supported SIM card and try again.
2. The SIM card is not supported. Solution: try a supported SIM card from here.
3. No credit on your SIM card or the credit is low. Solution: top it up and try again.
4. The 2G phone network is temporarily unavailable. Solution: check with the service operator if the 2G network is temporarily unavailable. If it is then wait till it becomes available and retry.
5. The SIM card is damaged. Solution: get a replacement SIM card and try again. You can diagnose this by inserting the SIM card to your mobile phone, turning off the WiFi to try if you can browse websites successfully.
6. Hardware fault. Solution: reset your tracker by following the answer to the next question.
For Pawfit-S or Pawfit 2:
Check the subscription status on ‘Profile->User Profile->Pawfit-S subscription plans->Subscription status->Subscription details' and make sure it is active. Please renew it if it is expired. Once the subscription is renewed, please allow up to 15 minutes for the device to reconnect.
Hardware fault. Solution: reset your tracker by pressing and holding the power button for 15 seconds.