The smart pet location and activity tracking system.

Pawfit gives you the ability to locate your pet quickly with real-time GPS tracking. Regardless of where you are, the Wifi and cellular technology, combined with some optimised algorithms, gives you the fastest and most accurate location of your four-legged friend.

Enhance your pet’s life by setting realistic goals based on accurate monitoring. With the Pawfit device, you can monitor your pets’ movements in the form of steps, distance covered, calories burned, and active and rest hours, all personalised for your pets breed, age and weight.

Celebrate hitting the activity goals with achievement badges you can share with your Pawfit Pals!

Pawfit has made it easier than ever to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe by using the latest text-to-speech technology. When you enter your pet’s information into your account, Pawfit transforms that information into audio data. So if someone find your lost pet, they can press the button and they’ll hear your pet’s information.

Our unique solution that lets you deliver audible commands to your pet using your own voice - even when they are out of sight.

Record up to five voice commands that can be triggered right from your mobile or smart watch, via the Pawfit App.

Ideal for training, you can trigger your personalised voice commands from any location. Your pet will hear your voice and each command can last up to four seconds.

Easy to attach, harder to detach. Made for collars and harnesses for pets of all shapes and sizes from 3.5kg upwards. With a secure lock to prevent it from accidentally falling off and made from strong and durable material, .

Ideal for walkies, sport activities and training as well as lounging around the house and sitting on the sofa. Suitable for all weather conditions and the perfect accompaniment to the new waterproof Pawfit 2.

Pawfit’s battery can last up to 7 days of regular use.

The battery life is impacted by the GPS and cellular signal strength, as well as the amount of usage.

Read more here about our battery life.

Compatible with Apple iOS 9.0 or later Google Android 5.0 or later